vCenter 6 Appliance (vCSA) ESXi Net Dump Collector configuration

Login to your vCenter as [email protected] (or use an account which has been put into the “Administrators” group from Home > Administration > Single Sign-On > Users and Groups > Groups).

Now go to Home > Administration > Deployment > System Configuration > Services > VMWare vSphere ESXi Dump Collector

vCSA_6_net_dump_1Now right click the service and tick Automatic so the services comes up at boot time.

vCSA_6_net_dump_2Now right click the service and hit start.

Now to set your hosts to use the Dump Collector on the vCSA its probably easier to do via PowerCLi.  The post below has a simple and quick way to do this:-

vSphere Dump / Syslog Collector: PowerCLI Script

So in powershell, you can grab the setting for all hosts in a datacenter like this:-

And to set the Dump Collector, you can do something like this:-

One thing I did notice was that if you go to to the vCenter > Manage > Settings and click on ESXi Dump Collector I got an “ESXi Dump Collector Service is not running. Enable ESXi Dump Collector and refresh”.


I double checked that the service is running in the GUI and via the appliance shell:-

vCSA_6_net_dump_4Even a reboot didn’t fix it!

If / when I find a fix for this I will update this post …..



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