vSphere 6 Web Client TIPs and TRICKs

This post is just a collection of various TIPs and tricks to make the VMware vSphere web client more bearable.

To be fair to VMware it sounds like they are working hard to make the web client better and as of 6.0 U1 and 5.5 U3 there are some big improvements.  This video from last years VMworld runs through the various changes they have made and are planning (INF5093):-

However, until the HTML5 version comes out this page will be here as a collection of as many tips as possible…….

Adobe Flash bitching about storage?


Want to see all users tasks in the web client (be warned this can have a knock on performance wise on busy setups).


Client integration plugin not working in FF (i.e. can’t upload files etc)


If you have more feel free to comment and I will update this page……